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Recommendation to Parents / Guardians

1. The Principal may be interviewed between 8.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. on school days. At other times ONLY BY PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT.

2. Do not ring up the office except in urgent cases. Boys and staff members will not normally be called to the phone.

3. When writing to the Principal, mention the name, class and division of your son/ward. Any change in your address or phone number should be immediately intimated to the school office.

4. You, the parents/guardians, are the real educators of your children. The school is the helper and plays a complementary role in the matter. You should therefore involve yourselves in your children’s work, be interested in their home work and study, and give us a helping hand in educating your child efficiently.

5. Parents/guardians are expected to do their part in inculcating regular work habits and discipline. They should see that their children prepare their lessons, which ought to be noted by the boys in their calendars. They should make sure that their son/wards, especially in the higher classes, devote at least three hours of study daily.

However, nobody can be expected to study profitably without the proper relaxation, recreation and games. Hence parents/guardians should encourage their sons/wards to participate in the numerous co-curricular activities organised in the school.

6. Youth today have to face problems, therefore, encourage your sons/wards to confide in you; talk things over freely with them. Give them your time.

7. Please check the home-work of your child at least once a week. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO SIGN THE REMARKS in their calendars or books, and their progress reports issued after every examination. You are requested to sign them as a proof that you have noted them. Failure to do so may put your son/ward to great inconvenience.

8. You are requested to come to the school whenever called, either by the school authorities or the teachers. You should especially make it a point to come to collect/sign your son’s/ward’s report when called.

9. If you require your son/ward to return home before school closes, ask for leave in writing in his calendar. This should be signed by the Principal before the 1st bell at 8.05 a.m. You or an assigned should come to collect your son. He will not be sent alone.

10. PRIVATE TUTIONS indiscriminately given could cause harm to your child and may prove injurious to solid work habits and progress in his studies. Hence careful thought should be given before undertaking the same.

11. Parents/guardians should bring any complaints they may have to the Principal and not the teachers.

12. Parents/guardians and others may not meet the students or interview the teachers during school hours without the express permission of the Principal. Teachers can be interviewed only with an appointment made in advance.

13. You are not to permit your son/ward to come to school riding motorised vehicles. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone coming to school on such vehicles.

14. We have a PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION in the school.

i) It aims at fostering cordial and friendly relations between the members of the staff and the parents, so that there is better understanding and cooperation between home and school.

ii) The PTA is a requirement demanded by the Directorate of Education and hence all parents are expected to become its members. Moreover, they are expected to actively participate in the activities of the Association. This is very essential today because the proper education of the children can only be looked after if there is close co-operation between school and home.

iii) The Application Form is inserted in the Calendar. All parents are expected to fill in the application form and submit it to the office by the end of June.

iv) All parents of the newly admitted students will become life members of the PTA.

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