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English Elocution Competition 2012-2013

The English Elocution Competition was held on 30th Aug. for students of Std VIII & IX.

Each division was represented by two students; the audition and selection being done by the Language teacher of the respective division.
The topics chosen dealt with current and relevant issues:
For Stds VIII, the choice was from the following topics:
1.    A Famous Personality (National / World / Religious).
2.    India’s Performance in Sports at the International Level.
3.    Garbage Reduction – Need of the Hour.

For Stds IX, the students had to speak on one of the following:
1.    Goa – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
2.    Corruption has become a ‘way of life’.
3.    Climate Change – a major cause of concern.

The speeches were rich in content and gave much food for thought. These activities and competitions bring out areas wherein our students need to put in added effort to move from ‘good to better’. At this competition some extra commitment to delivery would have changed the order of scoring.

The judges were Mrs. Flora Dias, Mr. Manish Gosalia and Mr. Colin S. Coelho, all well versed in the area of communications. Mr. Coelho gave some valuable feedback to the students on public speaking.
The competition was well co-ordinated by Mrs. Dorothea D’C and Mrs. Amelia C.

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