Loyola High School

Loyola High School

Loyola Anthem

Glory to God Loyola's one ambition  
Service to man, the nobly great traditions     
Labour of love, thou mouldest students worthy.
Proud of thy lead, we'll e'er follow thee.

Valiant of heart, we strive for these with pleasure
Lessons well taught we make our precious treasure
Steadfast in faith, we are thy lasting glory;
Proud of our school we'll e'er stand by thee.

In danger's path we look for thy direction
And when we fail, we cherish thy corrections,
In mind and limb we grow in stature sturdy
Proud of thy name, we'll e'er live for thee.

Chorus : Loyola marches steadily to victory to God;
Loyola, Loyola, Loyola lead us on!   
Loyola, Loyola, Loyola lead us on!

P. Mendonca S.J.

A School Anthem is a special song to express our loyalty to the school and all that the school expects from you is included in it:

1. St. Ignatius Loyola is the patron of our school and his greatest desire was to give glory to God. He considered God as the foundation of life and felt the best way to give glory to God was to serve mankind. As student of this school that bears his name, it is our duty to try and follow in the footsteps of St. Ignatius. It is in love and through love that this Institution tries to form and mould our character. We should be proud to follow the lead given to us by St. Ignatius.

2. Ignatius was brave in battle and in life and we too are called to follow his example. Whatever we learn in his institution should become a part of us and in this way be our treasure. We should have faith like a rock and feel proud of our school by standing for the ideals it upholds however tough it maybe, since Ignatius has taught us to be valiant.

3. Whenever we are faced with hardships, trials and dangers we rely on you for direction and guidance and whenever we fail we are open to corrections from those placed over us. We grow in stature physically and intellectually and thereby uphold the name of this Institution and bring glory to God.

4. If we follow the ideals set by Ignatius and enshrined in this Institution we will be triumphant in life and bring victory to God.

1. As a student of this school do my actions bring praise to God?

2. Am I ready to serve others or am I thinking of myself, my well being, my career?In way will I be of service?

3. Do I treasure the values that my school tries to inculcate in me? What are these values? How can I put them into practice?

4. The Principal, Vice Principal and teachers are here to correct and guide us when we go astray. How do I accept corrections or do I look upon it as something negative?

5. While singing the anthem, how do I show my respect? Do I stand properly?  Am I restless, disturbed, etc? Do I sing my school anthem with real pride and inner joy?

(Edited from contributions by Ms. Lulita & Ms. Belinda J.)

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