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Spelling Bee- 2017-18

Spelling Bee Competition, 2017 for Std. VII.The Spelling Bee competition was held on the 11th of October 2017 in the school hall for students of Std. VII.

The competition began at 8.25 a.m and ended at 10.45 a.m. The spelling bee competition consisted of three rounds: The first round was subdivided into a seen and an unseen round. The second round was the unscramble round and the third round was the phonetic round. Each speller had to spell two words in each of the rounds. In the first round, each word spelt correctly fetched 5 points while a passed word fetched 3 points. There wasn’t any passing allowed in the second and third round. All three rounds were of 40 seconds duration.Mrs. Linette Sousa and Mrs. Florence Fernandes were the interlocutors of the spelling bee for the first and second half of the competition respectively . Mr. Roque Fernandes assisted with the power point slideshow. Ms. Vidyashree Meti was the score keeper.Due credit needs to be given to all the boys of Std. VII as they were on their best behaviour. The audience clapped for the teams and showed their eager interest throughout the competition. The participants too, took part in the competition very earnestly and cooperated well.The following results were declared at the end of the competition:Out of a total of 160 points, Class VII C won fourth place with 111 points, Class VII B won third place with 129 points, Class VII D won second place by 136 points and the winner of the spelling bee competition, 2017 was Class VII A with a total of 141 points.

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