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RED   - stands for ARDOUR (corde magno) arduous heart.
BLUE - stands for DETERMINATION (ammo volenti) determined spirit.


The SHIP represents the individual soul journeying on the sea of life; it also represents the School setting out on its course in the educational world. There is something-of high endeavour, a spirit of enterprise, of hope in one s destiny    all typified by the ship of an intrepid explorer.

The STAR is the sign in the heavens by which the mariners find their way. In the same manner the soul looks to heaven for light and guidance, and receives grace to see its way, and the courage to follow it.

The BOOK symbolizes study, which is the chief means open to a school to attain its objective. But study should be directed by Wisdom, symbolized in the LAMP, which is lit. The aim of our studies is to achieve Wisdom.

The monogram I.H.S., the monogram of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits) is also made to stand for ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, Patron of this school. The spirit of the Society of Jesus and that of St. Ignatius are considered.synonymous.    

The CROSS which surmounts it all, is the sign by which we do everything: In the Cross is Life.

 A school emblem is a symbol which represents the objectives and the motto of the school. It is an aid meant to act as a ‘guideline’:

EXERCISE  1: Draw and colour the School Emblem.
EXERCISE 2: Fill in the 3rd column of the table below.

Symbol Meaning of the Symbol How can I make this symbol meaningful in my life:
On the Red Background


Symbol of study, of knowledge. Books open up the world to us.


Radiates light - light symbolizes ‘wisdom’ that helps to use knowledge gained wisely. Dispels darkness - the darkness of ignorance, superstitions, etc.helps to discern - between good and evil; right and wrong; true and false.



As a guide - it is meant to give direction to our lives; its light shows us the way as we journey to become men for others.


Symbol of a journey we undertake. As we sail along we have to brave the storms and the turbulent sea – symbol of the trials and tribulations we have to encounter on our life journey.

Between the red and blue background:


Is the monogram of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).The name of Jesus that inspired St. Ignatius.


Is above all this. It was Ignatius’ vision of being placed under the banner of the cross. He did everything for the Glory of God.



(With Ardent Heart and Determined Spirit)
Ignatius’ life is marked with enthusiasm and determination. (the Magis = the More = what more can I do for God and Man)

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